Payment Systems

Easycash Auto Paystation

Automated payment machine: Easy.Cash


  • Intuitive by design allowing customers to pay easily for their parking logically and quickly. Coordinated flashing lights, graphic LC displays all help customers through the payment process.
  • Corporate colours can be included in the front fascias and plinths


  • Pass card security, unique keys, intelligent web keys are the first obvious signs of security on the Easy cash
  • Internal key board and display screen enable password protection enabling all internal activity to be audited to each individual – not just a key holder.
  • Option of web key which can be programmed over the internet to allow remote authorisation change or key cancellation in the event of key theft. Contact our office for more details.

Sell more

  • Insert the ticket, pay the fee, collect the ticket and go.. standard stuff. But there’s more...
  • Purchase a monthly or weekly ticket on line, print off the receipt and on your next visit present the home printed receipt to the ‘Print at Home’ device on the Easy cash and a ticket is produced for you!
  • Customers can top up their monthly, yearly pass or cash debit type card at the Easy cash, freeing up the car park office staff for more productive duties
  • Cash recycling in coins and notes maximise the up time of the machine, credit card payments.

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