Payment Systems

Powercash Auto Paystation

Automated payment machine: Power.Cash


  • The Power.Cash is adorned with highly durable components and is designed to impress any customer at your facility.
  • Corporate colours can be included in the front fascias, lighting strip and plinth
  • Large 10.5” TFT graphic display screen to give clear instructions to users
  • 3rd party device recess to avoid unsightly and hazardous protruding parts


  • Armed with Pass card security, unique keys and intelligent web keys, the Power.Cash offers unrivalled pay station security
  • Internal key board and large display screen enable password protection enabling all internal activity to be audited to each individual – not just a key holder.
  • Option of web key which can be programmed over the internet to allow remote authorisation change or key cancellation in the event of key theft. Contact our office for more details.


  • Large recycling coin hoppers as standard
  • Wide choice of bank note readers and bank note dispensing if required
  • Use coder basic or coder unlimited depending on payment methods used

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